Photo by HK Stefan

First of all, I blame my family for my becoming a writer. Scratch one of my relatives and often as not you'll get a story, usually of the tall-tale variety. Though I've lived out West, I've spent most of my life in Minnesota, along the Mississippi River where such tales are a tradition.

As you can see, I'm a redhead, freckled, fry easily. Stories could be told. Stories have been told. I'm married with a son and daughter. Over the years we've shared our home with creatures who purr, chirp, bark, scuttle, and molt. It's generally a happy house, though not always quiet.

I grew up playing sports like a fiend and during college bicycled from Minnesota to Arizona for the adventure. During that trip I kept a journal, which marks the official start of my writing career. My advice to would-be writers? Never turn down a chance to take a bike ride.

Views that have inspired me.

The Mississippi

The Mississippi under the moon


River towns



Store fronts

Weather vanes

River houses




Favorite Reads

Richard Peck
       A Year Down Yonder
       A Long Way from Chicago
       Fair Weather

Natalie Babbitt
       Tuck Everlasting
       The Eyes of the Amaryllis

Roald Dahl
       James and the Giant Peach
       The Witches

Sylvia Waugh
       The Mennyms
Mark Twain
       The Adventures of Huckleberry              Finn
J.R.R. Tolkien
       The Hobbit
Laura Ingalls Wilder
       Little House in the Big Woods
       Farmer Boy
       The Long Winter

Louis Sachar
Karen Cushman
       The Ballad of Lucy Whipple
C.S. Lewis
       The Lion, The Witch, and the                Wardrobe
Jonathon Stroud
Philip Pullman
       The Golden Compass